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We're Reinventing Tamale
Tamale Packaging


Hoja Natural

Environmental friendly

We use manufacturing processes to avoid chemicals mainly present in leaves involving tamales that harm the environment and your health.

Crecimiento Natural

Natural Ingredients

Using 100% natural ingredients, we can create products that are of high quality, nutritious and great taste.

Biologicamente Seguro

Biologically Safe

We take care of all the elements that come into contact with our products, and a hand-free tamale-making process to get a highly innocuous and quality product.

At Torrico we work on the development of new food alternatives in accordance with market trends, aided by technology, always prioritizing quality.

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Tamales with Certification

We're proud to introduce you to the new LEAF-FREE TAMALES.

Exclusive and innovative Tamale Design, Patented Pending.

Unique taste due to the natural, fresh, and best-quality raw materials used for the manufacturing.

Easy and fast to cook to final consumers and food service industry chefs.

Design made to meet the needs and demands of wholesalers, supermarkets, minimarkets, and small and large distributors.

Our Production capacity is 80,000 Tamales daily, guaranteeing timely supply according to the expected demand.

Tamales with Certification

More Nutritious, hygienic-made, and practical to store/cook.

Our patent-pending manufacturing process preserves more nutrients than traditional ones.

Are made with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in our state-of-the-art facility.

Exclusive tamale hands-free making process. The tamale is never tampered with during manufacturing, guaranteeing a safe and bacteria-free product.

Thermoformed MAP packaging vacuum sealed.

We managed the whole cold chain process carefully, from the storage of raw materials to product delivery.

The whole of our manufacturing process not just reduces the use of sugar, salt, and vegetable oil but also makes it easy to get a long shelf life without artificial preservatives.

Tamales with Certification


Sweet Corn Tamales
Ingredients : Fresh corn grain, pork lard, sugar, nixtamalized corn, salt, nisin and modified corn starch.

Green Chile & Cheese tamales
Ingredients : Fresh corn grain, green chili, Chihuahua cheese, pork lard, nixtamalized corn, salt, nisin and modified corn starch.

Veggies & Cheese Tamales
Ingredients: Nixtamalized corn, spices, potato, tomato, green chili, guajillo chili, vegetable oil, onion, salt, nisin and modified corn starch.

Chipotle & Cheese Tamales
Ingredients: Are pending.

All of them available as following:
Table Packaging

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